The Top 5 ID Theft Scams: Don’t Fall Victim

credit card Scams

Every year people across the world fall victim to the same basic ID theft scams. In the U.S. alone this accounts for 17.6 million people giving information they should not be giving because they think they are doing the right thing or can make a quick buck. With this amount of success, it is no wonder ID thieves are continuing some pretty old school techniques. These include:

1. The Nigerian Letter

The 419 Fraud, which dates back to the 1920s and involves a government official from Nigeria or elsewhere asking for assistance in transferring funds with a promised share of the money. All you have to do is give them your details.

2. Phishing Email Scams

These are fake emails from banks and other institutions requesting your login details. They usually create a fake site to register your details, so they can use them to steal your money.

3. Financial Representative Employment Offer

These are job offers from legitimate sounding groups where you will be hired as a middleman between groups looking for non-traditional banking.

4. Tax Identity Theft

This seeks to gain your Social Security Number in order to claim fraudulent tax refunds in your name.

5. Your Computer has been Infected

A fake computer virus notice or pop-up designed to allow either someone to access your computer to “fix” it or get you to pay an admin fee to remove the malware.


These are just some of the most popular scams. You can find more information on them and how to beat each one by checking out this expert guide on the 5 most popular ID theft scams.

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