Technologies for Senior Citizens

Technologies for Senior Citizens

16% of the world’s population is above the age of 65, due to improved healthcare and a reduction in birth rates in many countries. Unfortunately, these senior citizens have largely been left out of the technology revolution, and many feel unable to get to grips with the latest digital trends. However, seniors could significantly benefit from using technology. This is especially true in areas such as tech in healthcare and the management of retirement benefits. Fortunately, some technologies have been specifically designed with seniors in mind, and we look at a few here.

Medication Monitors for Senior Citizens

The leading cause of hospitalization for people above the age of 75 are errors in medication. Senior citizens are sometimes not as keen as they should be with their medicines.

Medical monitors are a wearable technology for seniors that send out an alert when it is time to take medicine. The alarm goes off a few times, and if the medicine is not taken, the monitor notifies an appointed caregiver. That way the medicines are not missed for long hours or an entire day. The senior does not have to keep bothering the primary caregiver over making sure that medicine has been taken as prescribed. Technology solutions like this ensure that healthcare is prioritized.

Tablets and Smartphones for Gaming

Many seniors enjoy gaming and during retirement they have plenty of time to do so. Popular app games are simple and intuitive and aren’t just targeted at youngsters. They can be learned and played with ease. Games have been proven to improve mental agility and coordination. They also foster social interaction. All these technological benefits are important for a high quality of life for retirees.

In-sole GPS

An innovative technology solution can now give reassurance to family members when they’re struggling to locate their loved one. GPS technology can be embedded into the soles of shoes. It then sends out a signal, making sure that the primary caregiver can find a senior in the event that the retiree gets lost. Advancement in age frequently comes with a loss in memory.

Seniors who suffer from significant memory loss can benefit from these in-sole GPS systems because it allows them to be left to walk without the fear that they will get lost.

Other technologies worth a mention include home monitoring systems to ensure that seniors don’t get injured without help and wireless technology for easy communication.

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Contribution from freelance writer, Jenny Holt.