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Maximizing Open Enrollment for Employees

Open enrollment can be an overwhelming time for both employers and employees. Employees are given the opportunity to re-evaluate their current benefits and make changes for the coming year, while employers must choose a benefits package that balances cost and value and facilitate the enrollment process. Due to a variety […]

Open Enrollment Survival Guide for Benefit Administrators

Open enrollment or annual benefits enrollment can be a crazy time of the year no matter how many employees you service. Even the most seasoned HR professional can get stressed, but there are many ways to help keep things from getting out of hand. A good way of keeping yourself […]

Open Enrollment and Beyond

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority (88 percent) of full-time civilian employees have access to medical care benefits through their workplace, making the enrollment window a brief but critical time frame for millions of people and their families.   The Aflac Study finds this annual process […]

Open Enrollment Tips

10 Quick Tips for a Better Open Enrollment

[metaslider id=3492] Open enrollment can be a stressful time for all of us. But every year presents the opportunity for improvement. What do you wish had happened in last year’s enrollment? What do you hope to achieve this year? Here are some quick tips to implement in your open enrollment […]

Benefits Resolutions for 2016

Benefits Resolutions for 2016

[metaslider id=2211] January is already in full swing (we can’t believe it either) and it’s time to start thinking about your benefits resolutions for the year. So maybe some of you “forgot” to set benefits goals for yourself and your employees in 2016. Lucky for you, we have a list to get you […]