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Workplace Stress and Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

While many people enjoy their job, most experience job stress at some time during their working hours. For some, this stress can become severe and impact their health and well-being. Fortunately, there are ways to cope with workplace stress. What is Job Stress? Job stress is the chronic state in […]

Benefits and Taxes: Advantages for Employers and Employees

Employee benefits can be complex to administer, particularly in terms of taxation. It is important to understand the tax implications for both the employer and employee. This article will explain the general considerations related to the taxation of employee benefits. Employer Tax Implications Employers can usually deduct amounts that they […]

Open Enrollment Survival Guide for Benefit Administrators

Open enrollment or annual benefits enrollment can be a crazy time of the year no matter how many employees you service. Even the most seasoned HR professional can get stressed, but there are many ways to help keep things from getting out of hand. A good way of keeping yourself […]

Tailoring Benefits for Your Most Senior Employees

Guest post by freelance writer Jenny Holt. In the US, workers are keeping their careers going longer and longer – according to the NYT, 19% of workers continue past 65, up from 13% in 2000. What’s more, many are reporting working ‘better’. The decision to continue past retirement is often out […]

Battle of the Bulge: 3-Pronged Attack for Employee Weight Programs

Around 81 percent of employers offer a weight management program for their employees, but many see low engagement rates. These programs can be an important contributor in the efforts to get Americans to adopt healthier lifestyles and lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and a host of […]