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Keep Your Identity Safe During Tax Season

Tax season is here and you are scrambling to find all the paperwork you need to file your federal income tax returns. Tax fraud can happen to anyone and it is a simple scheme. They obtain basic information about you including your Social Security Number then file a bogus return […]

Tips for keeping company data safe

In an age where we hear of data breaches regularly, it becomes a challenge for business owners and managers to safeguard their customer and employee data. While some data breaches are the result of hackers attacking your network, sometimes the breaches come from within. An employee that has not been […]

Workplace Cyber Security

10 Workplace Cyber Security Tips

With all the news about hacked emails, data breaches, and ID theft, “better safe than sorry” is an adage that finds itself more prevalent in today’s new threat of cyber attacks. As these events become more common, it’s no longer a question of “if” it will happen to you, but rather […]