Podcast: Virtual Open Enrollment Resources with Monica Leatherman

Whether employers are worried about social distancing in the time of COVID-19 or simply would like to avoid the hassle of coordinating on-site enrollments, interest in virtual enrollments has significantly increased in 2020.

Joining us to talk about approaching virtual enrollments and the tools available to ensure success, is FBS Benefit Consultant Monica Leatherman.

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Here are some highlights from the podcast:

How will FBS educate employees on their available benefits if enrolling virtually? Along with the enrollment system and benefits portals already used for onsite enrollments, (5:10) “Anything the employee could do from their employee benefits website and regular desktop computer, they can do via the smartphone app. We are also looking at Teams meetings… We really plan to use Teams as our secure platform to conduct both live and pre-recorded employee benefit presentations.”

How will employees receive individual assistance without on-site enrollments? (7:44) “Every year from mid-July through late August, FBS hosts a Call Center to assist with open enrollment. The call center is staffed with FBS team members; all who are licensed experienced insurance agents, who not only understand the various types of insurance products offered but have been trained in the benefits offered by specifically our districts.”

Final thoughts on virtual enrollments? (12:28) Staying engaged, keeping lines of communication open, utilizing the resources that we make available for our groups, and definitely staying in good communication with your benefit representative… to prepare for, I guess what you would refer to as kind of a worst-case scenario and in that, making it maybe a best-case scenario.”

Listen to the full podcast for more information on conducting a successful virtual open enrollment.