Podcast: Stress Management for Educators

FBS recently had the incredible opportunity to talk with Dr. Jada Jackson Hill, licensed mental health counselor and Vice President of Care Management at Listeners On Call, about tackling the mounting levels of stress our educators are facing.

Dr. Hill, an educator herself, details why happiness for educators is so essential, how employers investing in behavioral health can keep educators in the classroom, and what support systems can be implemented to reduce burnout.

Listeners will find this installment of our podcast insightful not only as employers, but as people, with three straightforward and easy-to-use tips for personal stress management from Dr. Hill.

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Here are some brief highlights from this knowledge-packed podcast:

Dr. Hill discusses quite a few reasons for employers to focus on educator happiness, but one is loyalty. (3:24) “Happy educators are loyal to their work, they’re loyal to their students and they’re loyal to the school.”

How does investing in behavioral health reduce absenteeism? (5:29) “When we invest in behavioral health, it builds our personal and individual resilience to address the challenges that come along with a chaotic or combative workplace. Having a solid understanding of oneself and being able to build resilience will help educators and teachers deal with challenges in the workplace.”

How can employers support educators to reduce burnout? (11:41) Dr. Hill covers many facets of burnout reduction, but maintains that “Feeling heard is so important, which I why listening and really validating what someone is going through was so incredibly important…Even when we’re talking about listening, what we’re really talking about is connectivity. You know, connection is a basic fundamental human need.”

If you could provide some tools for educators to manage stress, what would you offer? (16:05) Just give this a listen, it’s really worth it.

Check out the full podcast for Dr. Hill’s complete insight on educator stress management. Check out all our podcasts in one convenient playlist here!