Podcast: COVID-19 Screening and Reporting for Return-to-Work

The year 2020 has been one of perpetual change, with the biggest force of change being COVID-19. COVID-19 has altered everyday life for millions of people, with significant impact on the labor force and how we work.

Joining us to discuss changes in liability and privacy policies for employers and how new challenges can be met are Kymberlie Welp, General Council for FBS, and Ryan Jones, Chief Revenue Officer for allsynx.

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Here are some highlights from the podcast:
What policy struggles are employers facing with employees returning to work during a pandemic? (2:27) KW: “There is just a huge body of law that is being created in response to COVID-19, and in that, it is a lot of information that they’re trying to filter out [to] figure out what they have to implement, at the very minimum, to be able to mitigate some of the liability of returning to work.” Kymberlie explains how these laws and regulations become new tasks for employers that include questionnaires, postings and notifications, and data collection.

How are employers currently meeting these needs? (6:10) RJ: “What a lot of employers are thinking is we can track this in a spreadsheet, we can put this in a Google document. Honestly, it’s not first and foremost on everyone’s mind. People know it’s important, but they don’t realize how overwhelming it can be without having some sort of tooling to assist. It’s a lot of information to tie back together and we have talked to some very overwhelmed HR administrators out there.”

What is safesynx? (8:04) RJ: “I call it a business continuity orchestration tool. The big thing that is does is that it brokers communication…[It has] a few different elements, a health survey, some notifications and being able to post notices. It also facilitates and creates documentation for a lot of issues.

Is safesynx a real solution for employers during this time? (12:13) RJ: “Absolutely. All of the data that is collected through safesynx and turned into the reporting, that satisfies so much of the compliance that Kymberlie was talking about…The ability to do the notifications and the postings, that [also] fulfills some of the requirements.”

Another benefit of safesynx for Texas education employers is availability through TEA. (13:10) KW: “It is a TEA-awarded vendor, so you can select it through the TEA, and there are federal funds available that way.”

Check out the podcast for a deeper dive into expectations for employers regarding returning to work during COVID-19, and how the features of safesynx may alleviate some of that pressure.