Podcast: Being Socially Responsible with Your Benefits with Coby James

What does it mean to be socially responsible with your employee benefits? Are you responsible for posting a selfie with furrowed brows while choosing benefits at your annual enrollment? Not quite.
Being socially responsible with your benefits means engaging with educational material, knowing the resources available to you, taking the time to make careful benefit decisions, and knowing how to use the benefits you choose. This may sound like a daunting task but putting a little effort into your benefit selections is beneficial both for you and your loved ones.

In this podcast Coby James, Vice President of Sales at Financial Benefit Services, details how employees can be socially responsible during enrollment and while actively covered by their policies

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Here are some highlights from the podcast:

What is the first thing an employee must do to be socially responsible with their benefits? (1:40) “The most important thing that everybody needs to do is just stay engaged.”

Not only does the employee need to know the benefits they have, but also how to use them, correct? (4:26) “It’s equally important that you how to use those [benefits]. You have to understand where those claim forms are located.”

What are some ways employees can remain engaged with their benefits? (5:47) One of several examples that Coby provided is “It’s important to print a copy of that benefit election form. Make sure you give it to one of your loved ones, so that they have access to your benefits as well and they know what benefit elections you’ve made. They also need to understand who to contact in case there is a situation that arises.”

Documentation is also a large part of being socially responsible with your benefits. (9:34) Coby stresses that “It is ultimately important to have a will. So many times we have situations where a person passes away and they don’t have a will….That can get pretty messy, especially if you have kids.” Coby goes on to address several other considerations after one passes away that can be addressed in a will, as well as some services that may be available to assist with will preparation.

Anything you would like to impress upon listeners? (13:15) “I would like to encourage people to stay as engaged as possible and to continue to educate themselves, so that they can be smart consumers.”

Coby also discusses key benefits that employees should prioritize during enrollment. Check out the podcast for a breakdown of these benefits.