Maintaining Your Momentum after Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is over. Now what? You’re not off the hook just yet! Here are 5 ways to keep the momentum going and ensure you make the most out of this year’s enrollment.

Time to Review

How did your enrollments go this year? What worked and what didn’t work? Use this time to gather all of your benefits communication (emails, posters, flyers, Powerpoint presentations) and really scrutinize them while it’s still fresh in your mind. Examine your communication materials from the perspective of an average employee and ask yourself these questions: What parts might be confusing? What do you find attention-grabbing? How does this relate to you personally? You should also go over all of the emails you sent regarding open enrollment and identify which emails had a better open rate, a better click-through rate, and what they clicked on. All of this information will be essential for planning next year’s enrollment.

Set Goals

This is also the perfect time to evaluate your goals. Did you reach your goals for this year’s open enrollment? If you didn’t set any, then determine what next year’s goals should be based on how you did this year. Every company is different. Decide what’s most important for you (e.g. budget, participation, productivity). For example, you may want to get __% of employees saving for retirement or you could aim to engage __% of employees in your company wellness program. It’s equally important to plan how you will measure success, so that you can use this information to improve your efforts for next year.


One way to find out firsthand how effective your OE efforts were is to ask your employees. Send out a survey asking questions like the following:

  • How effective were our benefits communications this year (benefits guide, emails, flyers, etc.)?
  • What parts did you feel were the most confusing?
  • What would help you gain a better understanding of those parts?
  • What would you like to see differently next year?
  • How do you prefer to receive benefits communication? (e.g. email, text message, face-to-face, video, Powerpoint)

SurveyMonkey is a great site that we use for gathering opinions that will also allow your employees to answer anonymously.

Reinforce the Basics

Extend your benefits communication beyond open enrollment season. The more you reinforce the basics, the better prepared your employees will be when it comes time to enroll next year. Provide ongoing learning opportunities about their benefits options, how insurance works, how to save for retirement, etc. Year-round communication will help your employees feel better equipped to handle their benefits decisions when they need it the most – during major life changes. Qualifying life events can happen at any time, so there are plenty of reasons to keep your benefits front and center throughout the year.

Promote Wellness

Encourage a company culture of health and wellness. We all know that wellness programs are on the rise and for good reason.  An effective wellness program can demonstrate your genuine concern for employees’ well-being, while increasing morale and engagement. This can have a positive impact on productivity, in addition to helping you recruit and retain employees. The added bonus is a healthier workforce that can result in reduced medical costs and lower absenteeism. Whether or not you already have a wellness program in place, you should use this post-enrollment time to brainstorm and integrate healthy habits into your corporate culture.