FBS Podcast Ep4: Employer’s Guide to Outsourcing HR

Articles are published seemingly daily on disconnecting and keeping life separate from work, but even the best-balanced employees will have countless intersections of the personal and professional. Maybe they’ve received a harrowing medical diagnosis and need to fully understand their benefits and sick leave. Perhaps stressors from home are influencing interactions with coworkers and things are getting tense. They may even be starting a new position and are fresh-faced and ready to get started.

HR Administrators are the stewards of these situations, leading both the employer and employee on the right path to education, assistance, and resolution. Joining the podcast is Tammy Decker, who details the role these professionals play and how Higginbotham’s team can fulfill that role for employers.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

How does Higginbotham support employers who are outsourcing HR? (2:29) “We have these four service groups, Consulting, Care Team, Payroll, and Benefits, within HR Services that together are trying to simulate the work that an employer would have with an HR Manager sitting in their office.” She clarifies that even though most clients utilize the full scope of services, outsourcing is available “à la carte” to meet the specific needs of a client.

Does outsourcing HR give any value to employers over directly hiring HR staff? (4:50) “One, we relieve you of having that recruiting responsibility, and then what I think is the most important piece that you get from using HR Services is continuity of knowledge…We have turnover too, but we have people that are ready to step in and have a process document that has all the of the data that needs to be known about the client.”

What is an important consideration for listeners interested in outsourcing HR? (11:40) “It is nearly impossible to have turnover in your organization without there being significant bumps and those significant bumps can create legal issues for your organization. Having an HR Services program like we have allows you to smooth out those bumps.”

Check out the podcast for more information on how Higginbotham can be a resource for Human Resources needs in your organization. Check out all our podcasts in one convenient playlist here!

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