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Benefits A-Z: Long-Term Disability

You might think that an accident or illness causing a lengthy period of disability would never happen to you. You might also think that your medical insurance will cover all your expenses in the event of a disability. While the first assumption may or may not prove true, the second […]

Can the Benefit Booklet Provided by Our Plan’s Insurer Serve as the SPD?

QUESTION: We have a fully insured group health plan. The insurer provides a state-law required certificate of insurance booklet that describes the coverage provided under the plan. Can we use that booklet as the summary plan description (SPD) for this plan? ANSWER: The booklet probably cannot serve as the SPD on its […]

Benefits A-Z: ID Theft & Protection

According to recent studies, there were an estimated 16.7 million identity theft victims in 2017. There were also over 1,500 publicly reported data security breaches in 2017 exposing even more people to the possibility of identity fraud or ID theft. As commerce technology evolves, so do the skill sets of […]

Planning for Retirement When You Have a Late Start

You are about to turn 40 and you realize you don’t have much in your retirement account. Life happens. You had other priorities that needed every dime of your income. Now you need to start getting really serious about saving for your retirement or you will not have enough money […]

Benefits A-Z: Hospital Indemnity Plans

Everyone knows that spending even one night in a hospital costs more than the Presidential Suite at most hotels. The average cost of a hospital stay is around $2,000 per day. Combine that with the fact most silver level health insurance plans have a deductible of at least $3,000 and […]