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Retirement & Finance

The Long-Term Care Dilemma

With the many Baby Boomers reaching their golden years it is expected that the cost of long-term care (LTC) costs could reach $5.6 trillion nationwide by 2047. The best estimates is that 40% of the aging population will need some sort of nursing home stay for either rehabilitation or end-of-life […]

Will Preparation: What You Really Should Know Beforehand

For some, it always feels strange thinking about writing a last will and testament. Thinking of mortality and even expecting it can be too much for some people to handle. However this is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones even if you are […]

Benefits A-Z: What is a Fiduciary?

The large portion of people do not have the vision or skill set to manage large sums of money in the long term. That is why many people turn to financial professionals for help in planning their financial future. However not all financial advisors are the same. They aren’t all […]

6 Financial Perks of Getting Married

Wedding bells are ringing in your future soon and your head is spinning. The flowers, wedding singer, the cake, the dress—the list of things you need to do is endless! You also have another list of things to do after your honeymoon like getting joint bank accounts, moving into a […]

How to Improve Employee Financial Benefits Within a Company

There are some things that a monthly paycheck just can’t cover. After the bills, taxes, groceries, and mortgage is paid off, the average American employee hardly has anything left to secure his/her own financial future, or pay off mounting debts. For the working public, the need for financial security is […]