ACA Employer Compliance

IRS ACA ReportingRegardless of what may occur in the next few months surrounding the outcome of the King v. Burwell Supreme Court case (SCOTUS), the likelihood of ACA being repealed and replaced is not probable.  The ACA may continue to be altered and change moving forward; however we can only prepare to comply with what we know today.

After a 2 year vetting process of Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance solution vendors, FBS chose to form a strategic partnership with Eligibility Tracking Calculators, LLC (ETC).  We feel ETC provides a comprehensive solution for ACA tracking and reporting compliance and FBS has negotiated exclusive pricing on your behalf.

Who will provide the following services for you?  Here are a few distinguishing considerations of ETC for you to weigh when choosing if and with whom you will outsource the ACA tracking and reporting requirements.

ETC Tracking, Compliance and Reporting services:


Hours tracking
Identify persons eligible for offer of benefits
Report to Employer individuals who should receive offer of benefits
Custom, automated Employer alerts

Compliance & Reporting

Signature ready 1095C & 1094C
Attorney backed guidance
Employer indemnification of ETC services
Responds to ACA appeals on Employer behalf

For more information regarding ETC services and pricing, contact FBS or email ETC at: