4 Basic Needs for High-Performance Team Employees

Guest post by freelance writer Jenny Holt.

Have you ever been part of a great team? A high-performance team refers to a group of individuals with a clear goal in mind. These are the employees with specialized talent and knowledge who work together to collaborate, innovate and provide quality results.

How about being a part of a lousy team? These teams usually consist of frequent conflicts and failure to agree, where you also might find yourself afraid to speak up or share your opinions. As a result, the company suffers from the lack of productivity and poor professionalism. The importance of quality wellness in the workplace has become a staple in companies, both big and small. In fact, it is one of the most vital aspects of employee retention.

There are four basic needs for high-performance team employees:

  • To feel useful
  • To continue learning
  • To respect
  • To understand their task

Without question, the worst job any employee can have is being part of an unstructured team with little work, respect, understanding, and the potential to learn. When work meets the 4 best needs, this can promise a strong chance of building a high-performance team.

Employees need to feel useful in the workplace

While it is important to ensure that employees have a strong flow of work tasks, the best way to improve staff retention is to make sure they understand their job duties. You can accomplish this by providing a work plan and regular feedback based on an employee’s performance. If the worker feels unsure of their role, he will feel more likely to search elsewhere.

Employees need to continue learning

Businesses expect their workers to arrive trained and certified. However, not every employee is willing to invest their time in continued learning and maintaining their top credentials. Whether you plan to send your employees to a learning center or provide online skill courses, taking their education seriously helps them see how invested you are in keeping them in your company. As a result, they will gain motivation in investing in their career.

Employees need to receive and gain respect

Encouraging employee-led events like team building activities can bring fun to your office, strengthen your bond, and help to support each other in a structured way. This allows companies to break down the barriers and discuss more than topics inside the office.

Employees need to understand their role

High-performing teams depict a total commitment to working with each other. Members will do better when their roles are made clear. They will know their roles and what they must do to complete the task.

Working on a high-performance team means that employees will easily be able to clarify on the main goals and purpose of the team. While these four basic needs might not always be acknowledged, it will guarantee that your team is on the right path towards success.