3 Keys to Recruiting and Retaining the Best Talent

Recruiting and Retaining the Best TalentIn today’s world, employers are expected to bring a strong benefits package to the table to have any chance at recruiting and retaining the best talent. It’s become a competition between the big name companies to see who can offer the most creative, most desirable, and most tempting job perks that make us all say, “Man, I wish I worked there!” For many job positions, the potential for promotions and raises can only go so far. When those run out, you need something more enticing to keep people loyal to your company.

Embrace change.

If your company has only ever offered the same basic benefits year after year, don’t shy away from change! We’ve already seen how wellness programs have gone from unorthodox to mainstream. The concept of work-life balance has paved the way for a new era of employee benefits. Companies are offering perks like unlimited vacation time and employer aid in paying off student loans. Custom benefits are no longer exclusive, so it’s time to consider ways you can incorporate this trend into your own benefits package.

Get creative.

Start thinking outside of the box. Employers today are not limited to cookie cutter benefits. The trend is exactly the opposite. Companies are becoming more and more inventive with their benefits and perks. It gives them the edge of being able to say, “we offer this and no one else does.” Contrary to the big names that get all the media spotlight (Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc.), this is actually good news for small businesses. Innovation in the world of benefits allows small businesses the flexibility to offer original and unique perks while staying within reasonable budget constraints.

Think strategically.

Although it may seem like companies are trying to be hip and cool by offering benefits like free lunches and doggy daycare at the office, there really is more to it than that. A lot of these benefits, as appealing and fun as they sound, are also designed to incentivize employees to work harder. Free lunches mean that employees are more likely to stay in the office, maybe even eating at their desk. Bringing your dog to work means that employees have less reason to rush home at the end of the day to take Fido out. Believe it or not, there is a method behind the madness. So keep in mind, yes it’s important to be creative, but it’s also necessary to devise the best perks that will benefit your company as much as they benefit your employees.

When it comes to recruiting today’s workforce and retaining existing employees, companies simply can’t afford to forgo a competitive benefits package. Even the smallest perks can make a big difference. The right benefit offerings can help attract the best and brightest in your industry and inspire loyalty among your employees, not to mention define your organization’s philosophy towards the people that comprise it. Your employees are important, highly valued, and now you know how to show it!