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Benefits A-Z: Preventative Health Care

The development and passage of the Affordable Care Act brought the topic of Minimum Essential Care (MEC) into the spotlight. Any major medical health insurance plan or qualified health plan not meeting these minimum essential coverage standards were not allowed to be sold on the state and federal healthcare exchanges, […]

How a Financial Wellness Program can Improve More than the Bottom Line

In 2008, the United States began to fall into what is now known as the Great Recession. The economy found itself in a downward spiral that did not stabilize for 18 months and has taken years to recover. Since then, our economy has improved and in some areas exceeded the […]

Tips for Helping Employees Adjust to Change

The new year is on the horizon and many companies have already begun making major changes to ensure they are prepared for 2019. These changes could be as small as an adjustment to the dress code, or as large as moving to a new office building. Regardless, some people don’t […]

Benefits A-Z: MAC Dental Plan

When shopping for insurance, one of the top three types of insurance to consider is dental. There are several types of dental plans, some of which are pretty straight forward. All dental plans are designed to save you money but like all insurance, no two plans are alike. One of […]

2019 Cost of Living Adjustment Largest in 7 Years

The Social security administration makes adjustments every year to the supplemental income it provides to senior citizens, veterans, and disabled persons. This adjustment is called the Cost of Living Adjustment, or COLA, and in the last 7 years has ranged from 0% in 2016 to 3.6% in 2012. The increase […]