FBS Health Plus

FBS presents an excellent avenue for all districts (regardless of size) to offer additional medical plan(s) for their employees. Our established relationships with major health insurance carriers and providers boasts plan options that will reduce rates, provide out-of-pocket savings, and offer enhanced plans to district employees.

The Texas Schools Health Benefits Program (TSHBP)

The Texas Schools Health Benefits Program is a regionally rated program developed for Texas school districts. Our purpose is to support the school children of Texas. We do this by providing health benefit solutions to our dedicated teachers, administrators, and support staff so they can concentrate on what they do best – teaching and supporting our kids. It is our desire to increase member health and well-being and provide tools necessary to identify and manage the health of each and every member.

TSHBP High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)

The HDHP meets the IRS requirements to allow members to utilize a Health Savings Account (HSA) and therefore, claims and prescription payments apply to the deductible. The HDHP is an embedded deductible plan and has no copayment provision. Once your deductible is met, the plan pays 100% of all covered claim expenses. This plan includes an integrated pharmacy benefit - meaning all eligible pharmacy claims apply to the medical deductible.

TSHBP CoPay Plan

The CPP is a unique plan where members pay a co-payment for services. All co-payments apply to a deductible. Once the deductible is met, then the plan pays 100% of all covered claim expenses. The CPP plan is a simple to understand, easy to access plan design, built specifically for TSHBP members. This plan also includes a pharmacy benefit with tiered co-pays.

Telehealth Services

Virtual Visits allow members to have a live consultation with an independently contracted board-certified Teladoc doctor. Instead of going to the office, members can talk with a doctor while at home, work or any place. Virtual Visits can cost less than going to the urgent care clinic or emergency room.  Simple, non-emergency medical health conditions can be addressed via telephone, online video or the mobile app. The program's CPP provides a visit at no cost - $0 ($30 Consultant Fee for HDHP).

Prescription Drugs

The TSHBP program offers a broad prescription drug program service. Members will enjoy easy access at name-brand pharmacies as well as most smaller pharmacies. The prescription drug program was carefully crafted to provide the highest value to the largest set of membership. To receive pharmacy services, the member will simply present their prescription and TSHBP insurance card to the pharmacy and pay the applicable copay.  The pharmacy program partners with Southern Scripts who offer a full prescription service in a completely transparent pricing model. Founded and governed by clinical pharmacists, Southern Scripts is laser-focused on delivering significant savings to the TSHBP through straight-forward pricing models and sound clinical management.

TSHBP Networks

TSHBP utilizes a national network to provide physician and ancillary services access to all members. Enrolled school districts will access the HealthSmart practitioner and ancillary only network to gain access to over 478,000 providers in over 1,222,000 unique locations across Texas and the United States. Please note, hospitals are excluded from the PPO networks. TSHBP members will experience the lowest out-of-pocket costs for physician and ancillary medical services when utilizing network providers. Though members are free to see non-network providers, there are many advantages to using network providers.

Steps to Join

Submit an FBS Broker of Record

A Broker Of Record (BOR) must be submitted to FBS to begin our medical broker services. For your convenience, FBS has attached our BOR Agreement here to include on your district's letterhead which can be emailed to: medical@fbsbenefits.com.

TSHBP Review and Proposal

We will contact you and present to your district a proposal for your group health medical needs. This will include medical rates specific to your region and district. FBS will also work with you to provide information to amend your District of Innovation Plan if needed.

Texas School Districts Group Health Overview


The Texas School Employees Uniform Group Health Coverage program (H.B. 3343) was passed by the 77th Texas Legislature.  TRS was given the authority to begin plan management of TRS-ActiveCare with coverage effective on September 1, 2002.  It required districts with less than 500 employees to participate in the health plan unless they were self-funded or part of self-funded cooperative.

Districts that participate in TRS-ActiveCare may not discontinue participation (Texas Administrative Code 41.30).  There are currently over 900 participating entities in TRS-ActiveCare.


El Paso ISD, as a District of Innovation (DOI), amended its Local Innovation Plan so that they could offer their employees two additional plan options alongside the TRS-ActiveCare.  These plan options provide employees with an upfront premium savings of 10-15%, and are comprehensively better in most areas than TRS-ActiveCare plans.  The new plan options also provide a lower out-of-pocket cost to the employees of 20 – 40%.

El Paso ISD notified TEA on May 15, 2019, regarding their amendment to the Local Plan and enrolled employees in August offering TRS-ActiveCare and the additional plan options beginning September 1, 2019. For additional insight, please view the links below.