FBS Health Plus

FBS presents an excellent avenue for all districts (regardless of size) to offer additional medical plan(s) for their employees. Our established relationships with major health insurance carriers and providers boasts plan options that will reduce rates, provide out-of-pocket savings, and offer enhanced plans to district employees.

The Texas Schools Health Benefits Program (TSHBP)

The Texas Schools Health Benefits Program is a regionally rated program developed for Texas school districts. Our purpose is to support the school children of Texas. We do this by providing health benefit solutions to our dedicated teachers, administrators, and support staff so they can concentrate on what they do best – teaching and supporting our kids. It is our desire to increase member health and well-being and provide tools necessary to identify and manage the health of each and every member.

TSHBP Plan Year Options

The TSHBP is proud to offer a blended health model for the 2022-23 Plan Year to meet your school district needs.  Plans include our current TSHBP Directed Care High Deductible Health Plan (HD) and CoPay Plan, as well as the Aetna Signature (PPO) Plan.


  • TSHBP Directed Care High Deductible (HD)
  • TSHBP Directed Care CoPay Plan
  • Embedded Deductible
  • In and Out of Network Benefits
  • HealthSmart national network for Physician, Specialist and Ancillary services.
  • Care Coordinator is mandatory for hospital and
    planned procedures
  • Specialty Drugs - limited coverage


  • Aetna Signature Plan
  • In Network Benefits
  • Aetna Signature PPO network for both Physician and Hospitals
  • Comparable to TRS-ActiveCare
  • Specialty Drugs - full coverage
  • Care Coordinator is an optional benefit

Steps to Join

Submit an FBS Broker of Record

A Broker Of Record (BOR) must be submitted to FBS to begin our medical broker services. For your convenience, FBS has attached our BOR Agreement here to include on your district's letterhead which can be emailed to: medical@fbsbenefits.com.

TSHBP Review and Proposal

We will contact you and present to your district a proposal for your group health medical needs. This will include medical rates specific to your region and district. FBS will also work with you to provide information to amend your District of Innovation Plan if needed.