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Three Part Post-Open Enrollment Checklist

You made it! You survived your annual benefits open enrollment and it is all smooth sailing from here, right? Not so fast. Now is the time to take a good look at a few things that will save you time and stress in the near future.   Smooth Carrier File […]

Tips for keeping company data safe

In an age where we hear of data breaches regularly, it becomes a challenge for business owners and managers to safeguard their customer and employee data. While some data breaches are the result of hackers attacking your network, sometimes the breaches come from within. An employee that has not been […]

3 Payroll Headaches your TPA should be Curing

There is a reason most companies with a sizable workforce have dedicated payroll staff. It is labor intensive, detail oriented, and can be a nightmare when something goes wrong. Thanks to advances in modern technology, there are many digital resources designed to help make things easier. You have automated time […]

Avoiding Burnouts: Signs of an Overly Stressed Employee

Stress and anxiety are killers of productivity. In a recent survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), 58% of Americans stated that work is a significant source of stress. This same study presents evidence that occupational stress costs employers an estimated $300 billion annually due to lost productivity. The loss […]

HR Guide to Mourning: 4 Ways You Can Help

The loss of a loved one, whether they be a member of our family or a friend, can be a tough topic. We grieve and hopefully, in time, heal from the loss through the support of our family and friends. When a coworker or employee experiences this loss, it is […]