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Dimensions of Wellness

The 3 Dimensions of Wellness

The term wellness has been applied in many ways. Although there might be different views on what wellness encompasses, the National Wellness Institute–along with the help of leaders in health and wellness–shared many interpretations and models of wellness. Through this discussion, there appears to be general agreement that:    …

Long Term Care

Self Insurance VS. Long Term Care: Which is Better?

Samantha Stein is an online content manager for ALTCP.org. Her works focus on long-term care information that covers long term care insurance, financial planning, elder care and retirement. In line with the organization’s goal, Samantha creates content that helps raise awareness on the importance of having a comprehensive long-term care plan not just…

Pre-Tax Investing and Why It’s a No Brainer

Guest post by Richard Peace. Richard is a licensed Benefit Consultant (LHIC) at Financial Benefit Services managing various employer groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Follow him on Twitter @richpeace. Investors have a myriad options for socking away hard-earned cash. The overwhelming number of investment options leaves many first time…

What is Evidence of Insurability

Benefits A-Z: What is Evidence of Insurability?

Evidence of Insurability, or EOI for short, is a form that details your medical history and your current health information. It’s required by the insurance company for certain types of coverage, like a life insurance or disability insurance policy. The insurance company uses the information from the EOI to determine…

Times You Should Update Your Life Insurance Policy

5 Times You Should Update Your Life Insurance Policy

When it comes to life insurance, most families in the U.S. are under-insured. The gap between what they have and what they need is nearly $320,000*. The problem is that many people will purchase life insurance and then forget all about it. However, your finances will change throughout the course…