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Long Term Care

Self Insurance VS. Long Term Care: Which is Better?

Samantha Stein is an online content manager for ALTCP.org. Her works focus on long-term care information that covers long term care insurance, financial planning, elder care and retirement. In line with the organization’s goal, Samantha creates content that helps raise awareness on the importance of having a comprehensive long-term care plan not just…
Technologies for Senior Citizens

Technologies for Senior Citizens

Contribution from freelance writer, Jenny Holt. 16% of the world’s population is above the age of 65, due to improved healthcare and a reduction in birth rates in many countries. Unfortunately, these seniors have largely been left out of the technology revolution, and many feel unable to get to grips…
Echo Act Telehealth

House Passes the ECHO Act

On December 6, the House of Representatives passed the Expanding Capacity for Health Outcomes Act (the ECHO Act), which was unanimously passed by the Senate at the end of November. The ECHO Act expands upon the University of New Mexico’s Project ECHO by promoting the use of telehealth and video…
Taking a vacation

Why It Pays to Take Vacation

More and more employees are leaving their vacation days untouched, and it’s bad news for their employers. A study conducted by the US Travel Association shows that Americans left 658 million unused vacation days* on the table last year. This isn’t a reflection of a strong work ethic; it’s a…

5 Types Of Wellness For Any Office

Workplace wellness programs have quickly become a staple in many companies. A lot of businesses, both big and small, have jumped on the bandwagon and with good reason. Wellness programs are a great way to keep your employees healthy and happy, not to mention attract new talent and improve employee…