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Benefits Education

Short and Long Term Disability Comparison

It’s not a fun hypothetical to think about, but the prospect of becoming ill or injured is a very real possibility that everyone should be prepared for, whether it happens or not. 68% of adult Americans have NO savings in place for emergencies.* Should you become disabled, temporarily or long…
D is for Deductible

Benefits A-Z: A closer look at deductibles

When it comes to having medical insurance, the term “deductible” is common to many. Varying in strata, from high deductibles to low deductibles, policy owners pay particular attention to this threshold and with good reason. How much are you expected to pay? When does the insurance company start to contribute?…
Individual Life Insurance vs. Life Insurance

Individual Life Insurance vs. Group Term Life Insurance

Life insurance can often be very confusing. When you hear terminology like “individual life” versus “group term life”, how do you know the difference? Should you choose one or the other, or should you have both? And most importantly, are you making the right decision for you and your family?…
What is Coinsurance

Benefits A-Z: What is Coinsurance?

The world of insurance can oftentimes be confusing. With so many specific terms, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. One important term to be familiar with is coinsurance. You’ve probably heard this word before, but what does it mean? In plain terms, coinsurance is the shared cost between you…
Disability Insurance

The Case For Disability Insurance

Guest post by Richard Peace. Richard is a licensed Benefit Consultant (LHIC) at Financial Benefit Services managing various employer groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Follow him on Twitter @richpeace. Although you may know someone with a disability, chances are you can’t truly comprehend the lifestyle change that individual has…