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About FBS

Our mission is to maintain dedication to our clients with the utmost integrity and with a clear understanding that there is no “Us” without “You”.
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Toll Free: (800) 583-6908
Local Number: (469) 385-4640
Fax Number: (469) 385-4641
Email: marketing@fbsbenefits.com

Benefit Education

FBS stays ahead of cutting edge technology and stands behind our mission to be The Total Benefit Solution. We feel education is the key to assisting our clients and their employees with benefits that use their dollars more efficiently. We represent the client, not the insurance company. We provide numerous tools to keep your employees educated with benefits and changes anytime, day or night. We consolidate employee benefits into one booklet and one benefit website that offers plan summaries, provider searches, claims forms, carrier links, Important Things to Know and access to Online Flexible Spending Accounts. Our services also include tailored group benefit meetings, online training, educational videos and presentations, enrollment flyers and important email notifications.

Our dedicated representatives will assist you with scheduling benefit meetings and enrollments at each location. We allow our clients the freedom to choose from a multitude of package options that fit their employees’ needs. We provide an experienced enrollment staff that will assist your employees with the online enrollment process and supplemental insurance questions. Our enrollment staff is not paid to sell insurance, but rather to educate your employees on each benefit offered by our clients as licensed insurance agents. Offering an enhanced benefit package gives your employees a “big pat on the back” for a job well done.

We have positioned ourselves as a successful benefit tool for our clients through our advanced technology, superior level of service and benefit education.

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